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aCTD Weapons

Below are all the available weapons in the game.

Icon Meaning

  • Clip Size = # of bullets in each clip before reload is needed. Most games are set to auto-reload.
  • Mags = Magazines / # of clips you have before needing more ammo. Most games are set with unlimited ammo.
  • Reload Time = When you run out of bullets in the clip, the number of seconds it takes to reload / swap magazines. If the value shows 2 digits, there is a decimal point separating the 2 numbers (example: 22 is 2.2 seconds).
  • Critical Chance = Not used.
  • Damage = Amount of damage 1 bullet can cause
  • Rate of Fire = The speed that each bullet is shot
  • Accuracy  = Gun accuracy. The more accurate the gun, the more likely you will hit your target. In real life, a heavy machine gun is not very accurate as it is jumping all over the place, but a sniper rifle is extremely accurate. These settings help mimic those accuracies.





Sniper Rifles


Submachine Guns


Heavy Machine Guns


Power Weapons


Stun Gun




Energy Weapons


Exotic Weapons


Pistols & Support Weapons


Separate Weapon Attachments


Separate Melee Setting

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