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General Questions

  1. Is there an admission fee?
    There is no admission fee. To play, simply purchase tokens for the arcade games or tickets for activities. Either can be purchased out of machines in the main building.
  2. How many tokens are needed for arcade games?
    Most of our games take 1 or 2 tokens. Tokens can be purchased 4 for a dollar out of the token machine.
  3. How much does it cost to ride the go-karts or do any of the other attractions?
    Each attraction costs $4 or $5. This price already includes the outlandishly high sales tax in our state and parish. Just purchase the needed number of tickets out of the ticket machine in the main building. Each ticket is $1. We offer some discounted packages as well at the concession.
  4. Are there any age/height requirements for the attractions?
    Each attraction has separate requirements. See each attraction on our website menu for any requirements.
  5. I have a group of people I would like to bring. Do you offer any discounted rates?
    Yes, please see our Group Rate Request under specials at our website.
  6. Am I allowed to bring in outside food and drink?
    Unfortunately, outside food and drink are not allowed to be brought into our establishment unless you have booked a party. If you have booked a party, you may bring cake, cookie, cupcakes or pie as your food can safely remain in your party room.
  7. Do you accept checks or credit cards?
    We do not accept personal checks, but we do accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
  8. Do your hours differ during the holidays?
    Yes, we are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas but are open year-round. When parish schools are closed and during the summer, we have extended hours. You can find our current hours on our Contact page. Please note we open on Mondays only during the summer and when Ouachita Parish schools are out.

Birthday Parties at Excalibur

  1. How far in advance do I need to book a birthday party?
    You can book a day before if you'd like. However, party space is limited and we may be booked up.
  2. Can I have a party in the dining area for just a few of us?
    Unfortunately, our seating is limited in the dining area. It is reserved for patrons eating from our concession area. Also, customers in the past have left gifts on the table only to return and find them missing. Book a party to get discounted rates and a room to keep your items behind closed doors.
  3. I want to book a party for my 9-year-old son. Does your Party Package offer a Laser Tag party?
    We do not offer a Laser Tag party, per se. However, your group can play Laser Tag together. Just enter the Laser Tag area and let the attendant know that you would all like to play at the same time.
  4. When having a party, is my group required to stay together when riding go-karts or doing other activities?
    Quite simply, no. If you'd like to arrange for your group to stay together / play together just let the attendant for a particular ride know that your group would like to play/ride together.
  5. Is there a charge if I invite more than 10 kids?
    In the past, we were set up like other family fun centers, but we listened to our customers and made a change. There is no extra charge per attendee. You may invite as many people as you'd like. Be aware of the room limitations, however. The party table seats up to 16 kids comfortably depending on age and size. The room has standing room for other attendees as well. Though we provide you with enough items for 10 party goers, you may purchase additional drinks, tokens, pizza, passes, etc. from your party hostess.
  6. Your party package mention "Activity Passes", what is this?
    An activity pass is valid for 1 ride on any attraction at Excalibur. This is used in lieu of tickets to simplify the discounted rate for activities that applies only to booked party packages (up to 20% discount). Activity passes are available only to booked parties.
  7. When I booked my party, I paid a non-refundable deposit. Does that deposit apply to the balance of my party?
    Yes, the deposit will reduce your total bill by the amount paid.
  8. Are discounted tokens and tickets available if I booked a party?
    Any time during your party, you can purchase discounted tokens or passes (passes are used in lieu of tickets for rides) from your party hostess.
  9. Does the party hostess cut cake and open presents?
    Unfortunately, the hostess does not. We are able to make for a more inexpensive party by allowing a hostess to help more than 1 party at a time.
  10. Do I have time to set up the room?
    Yes, you may arrive 10 minutes early to set your room up. Your party will be for 1 and 1/2 hours in the room. This will provide you with 10 more minutes to remove your gifts and items.
  11. When I booked the party, it shows my party is from 1 pm to 3 pm. Can you explain how much time I have in the party room?
    You should tell your party-goers that your party is from 1 pm to 3 pm. Most parents expect a 2-hour party. You can arrive 10 minutes early to decorate. You should have your room ready by 1 pm as your party-goers are arriving. You'll have a whole hour and a half to eat and celebrate inside the party room. At 2:30 you'll start moving your gifts and stuff to your vehicle. Your party goers will still be playing and having fun inside the facility and should expect to do so until 3 pm when your party ends. At 2:40 we will begin cleaning the room so the next party planner will be able to set their room up 10 minutes in advance, too. You and your party-goers are welcome to stay at the facility for as long as you want, but it's a good idea to let the parents know to expect the party will end at 3 pm.
  12. An hour and a half seems a bit long in a party room. Will the kids be doing something else or do they just have access to the room in case you need that much time for presents/cakes/pizza?
    The kids probably won't stay in the party room that entire time - we expect that. We simply reserve the room for you and your guests to have a "landing" spot for an hour and a half. From our experience, nothing is worse than having a party and then being rushed out of the room. It's almost as if the party is over by having to end the party by putting gifts up, cake up, etc. We wanted to give more time in each room so that during the party, everyone in the party has a place to go as sort of "your spot" so to keep the group somewhat together and continue the party in an atmosphere where everyone is still together and not thrown out for everyone to go their own way.
  13. Can I bring in my own cake for the party I booked?
    Yes, because your items will be in your party room, you may bring a cake, cookie, cupcakes or pie to celebrate your party.
  14. Can I decorate the party room?
    Yes, you can. Do not use tacks or duct tape. You can use scotch tape to hang things on the walls or windows.
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